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Living Dangerously On The Web: By Sean Wichers

The internet is of inconceivable magnitude.  With that being said is is very common to start meandering about and soon find yourself in a deep dark corner of the web.  If you aren’t the type to just turn back without dipping your toe in the water to test the temperature, “Staying Safe While Living Dangerously On The Web” is for you.

Ad-Blockers and Script Blockers:

A good majority of the threats your may encounter on the dirty web can be remedied by simply running and ad and script blocker on your browser.

  • Ad Block Plus is excellent and most importantly, free.  It install as an extension to most major browsers and will stop obtrusive advertisements from disrupting your surfing.
  • Script Block for Chrome and No Script for Firefox are excellent options if you want an extra layer of protection for security vulnerabilities.




Thanks for reading,

Sean Wichers