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Computer Repair

Years of experience and exposure has placed me in tune with the rhythm of technology. Sick computers are my patients.

Web Development

Responsive and creative web development using the most common Content Management Systems including Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal

Technology Training

Learn from someone you can relate with and has the patience to teach you everything you want to know

Business Solutions

Years of experience working with small to medium sized buisnesses

Services Offered

by Sean Wichers


  • Rooting and Romming For Android
  • Jailbreaking for IOS Devices
  • Unlocking For All Types of Phones
  • Mobile Device Repairs

Computer Repair

  • Free Estimate & Diagnostics
  • Virus / Malware / Spyware Removal
  • Custom Built PC's / Upgrades
  • Laptop and Mobile Device Services

Web Dev.

  • Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Image Manipulation (Gimp, Photoshop)
  • Responsive Designs For Mobile

Microsoft Products

Macintosh Products

Linux Distributions

Work History of Sean Wichers

  • 2004

    Independent Computer Services

    In 2004 I incorporated Independent Computer Services with the purpose of providing low cost, high quality computer repair work to those in need of assistance. Over the years, ICS has done just that. Though this is no longer my full time job, ICS is still my trade name when doing this line of work.

  • 2005

    My Wireless Inc.

    At My Wireless Inc. I handled all Information Technology related concerns for 5 separate Colorado Springs store locations.

  • 2010

    At I spent my days digging for viruses and training clients on proper computer use.

  • 2011

    Tagn LLC

    In 2011, I set out to change the world with the creation of a web site called, which was a people rating system. Due to a moral dilemma I never released the site to the general public, however I learned a great deal along the way

  • 2015

    Luce Research

    I am currently working at Luce Research in Colorado Springs as a Programmer

Portfolio of Sean Wichers

A gallery of some of the sites built by Sean Wichers in the past.

Blog of Sean Wichers

native american myth sean wichers
May 2
May 2

Native American Myth – World Myth

Native American Myth   Creation myths are a way of explaining the once unexplainable. Due to major advancements in technology, differing views are being developed at a rapid . However, throughout documented history, a logical justification explaining the world and all its wonders were nothing more than a distant dream. With that in mind, many […]

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the iliad
May 3
May 3

The Iliad

The Iliad     There was once a time, long ago, when storytelling held far more importance than it does today.   The style of writing taken for granted today is, in the grand scheme of things, a rather new invention.  Before written language became widely used, tradition and history were passed along to future generations […]

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losing ground
May 2
May 2

Losing Ground

Losing Ground   Times are changing, and so too are the statistics.  If the world were color blind, whites and minorities would coexist on a level plane with no observable separation. However, our world is far from perfect, and the proof is in the numbers. To a statistician, race represents a very tangible resource for […]

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Apr 1
Apr 1

Peeple = ???

For The Peeple              As time progresses, and technology advances, mobile applications have become a staple in post-industrial life.  From ordering groceries to finding true love, there are an endless number of applications offering to make life a bit more enjoyable.  Wired within us is the power of judgement, and […]

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